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Interested in working at WPM?

Read the job description below and send us your resume! If we don't currently have any openings, we'd still love to hear from you for the future.


Warner Public Market is an intersection between food, art, and education. We source local food, handmade art, and work to educate ourselves, our customers and members about the stories behind everything in the store. While this job title is technically “customer service”, it’s really a big scoop of education, a large lump of curiosity, and a lot of relationship building. As a bridge between the growers or artists, and the community, we feel responsible for being informed and knowledgeable about what’s in our store. We don’t want to just sell products, we want to inspire our community to care about the environment that affects their food or to care about whether an artist or farmer was paid fairly for their work. We want to share recipes and inspire sit-down-at-the-table meals. If you’re curious to learn more about the local food and art scene, help educate yourself and your community, and build a local economy, we would love to have you work with us.


As a food service establishment, a shared indoor space, and a workers-cooperative, we have all come to the consensus of wearing a mask at all times while inside the building.  It is required and expected that any new team members will respect and follow this policy, vaccines are encouraged but not required at this time. 


Job duties include:


  • engaging customers

  • filling phone, online and in-person orders

  • receiving, pricing and stocking inventory deliveries

  • managing and updating inventory on the in-store computer

  • restocking inventory, managing perishables 

  • keeping the store clean and organized

  • keeping displays attractive and refreshed as needed

  • occasionally redecorating window displays

  • making social media posts

  • completing the mandatory alcohol training which is available online and can be done during a training shift - (we do sell beer and wine) 

  • must be able to lift up to 50 lbs and feel comfortable working on your feet for much of the shift

Compensation starts at $10.50/hr, with a store wide 20% employee discount. There will be a 6-month review and, with increased involvement, the possibility of joining the worker-owner cooperative model as it develops over time.

To apply, please stop by the market to fill out an application or send your resume to

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